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Text-Em-All is a mass messaging service that enables organizations to send personalized, informational text messages and phone calls fast. You can use Text-Em-All to deliver reminders, alerts, and notifications quickly, efficiently, and easily. 

To start a trial, visit our free account page. To upgrade your free account to one of our paid plans, visit Upgrade Your Account. You can also switch between plans as your needs change. 

Tip: If you're new to Text-Em-All and have general questions about the service we provide, visit our introductory Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Get To Know Us

Text-Em-All is a robust, powerful communication tool. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and at Text-Em-All we believe in using our work for good.

Our values mean that we want to do right not only by our customers and employees but the thousands of contacts who receive messages from our service every year. 

  • That starts with our strict policy against marketing, political messages, or spam of any kind. Visit this article to learn more about our No Spam Policy
  • We also want to ensure contacts have given proper consent to receive messages from our customers. Read more about consent in our article, What is Consent?
  • Finally, your privacy is important to us. Our privacy policy is simple your private information is yours. Visit this article to learn more about Our Stance on Privacy.

Create Your Account

To create an account visit our free account page. Here is some important information regarding your account. 

  • Every Text-Em-All account begins as a free account. This is a free, unlimited time period where you will be given 25 free credits to explore the service, send text and voice messages, and touch every feature offered by Text-Em-All. 
  • The email you use to create the account will be your default username. Visit Update Your Log In and Contact Information to learn how to update your username.  
  • When you are ready, you can upgrade your account by purchasing credits or choosing a monthly subscription. Read more about which pricing plan is right for you at: Choosing the Right Text-Em-All Plan.

Choose Your Path

Once you have an account, you can go to the Create Broadcast or Conversations to send messages, or you can start adding contacts. We have helpful articles on how to accomplish whichever path you choose. 

Create Broadcast

Sending a voice broadcast? Just a text? How about both? We have you covered. 


Receiving replies from your text broadcasts or need to quickly message up to 15 contacts? Check out the Inbox.

Add Contacts

We work hard to make sure adding, editing, and deleting contacts is as easy as possible. Adding contacts is optional, and can help if you plan to contact the same numbers multiple times.

Pick Your Platform

Text-Em-All has several ways for you to easily set up and send a broadcast. 

  • Web Site
  • Mobile Site
  • Phone Launch

Learn more about our platforms and how to access them via our support article, Ways to Send a Message.

Learn more in a webinar

Our support team has created a handy webinar to help you get comfortable with using Text-Em-All. This 30-minute webinar is hosted via Youtube. 

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