Sending a Voice Only Broadcast

Disclaimer: The Create Broadcast page is currently undergoing some style changes. Some items in this article may be out of order, but the basic functionality is still there. We will update this article as soon as the changes are finished.  

You may send a voice-only broadcast from inside your account or from a phone. This article will walk you through how to create a voice-only broadcast from Text-Em-All's website. 

Before You Begin

You may want to set up your Contact list before sending your first broadcast. You can read about setting up contacts in our support articles, Adding, Editing and Deleting Contacts, and Upload a File of Contacts.

Tip: You can upload a file or add individual contacts directly to the Create Broadcast page in Step 2 for one-time use. 

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Send Voice Only Broadcast

Sending any broadcast through Create Broadcast will consist of four steps. The following will walk you through each step.

Tip: If you are recording new audio you will record it after you complete Step 4. The audio is recorded using your phone.

Step 1: Settings

  1. Give your broadcast a name. Names are for your internal organization and do not display to contacts. 
  2. For Message Type, select Voice
      Message types include: 
  3. Start Immediately? 
    1. Select Yes if you wish for the broadcast to go out as soon as you complete setup.
    2. Select No if you wish to select a date and time for the broadcast to go out. 
  4. For Broadcast Type select Announcement
      Broadcast Types include:
  5. Confirm the caller ID number you wish to appear when a contact sees an incoming call. 
  6. Click Continue

Step 2: Recipients

  1. Decide who you want to receive this message. You have four options:
    • Add from Contacts - will add numbers that are saved from your CONTACTS section
    • Paste from Clipboard - allows you to copy and paste numbers into the system
    • Upload a File - allows you to upload a file
    • Add Individually - provides a form to enter numbers in manually
  2. Click Continue

Step 3: Messages

  1. Step 3 will present you with three options for adding audio to your broadcast.
    1. Record new message - will allow you to record audio using your phone after completing Step 4.
    2. Upload a message - allows you to upload an audio file directly from your computer
    3. Select from message library - allows you to append already existing audio from your account's message library.
  2. Click Continue

Step 4: Review & Submit

  1. Review the information presented to make sure your broadcast settings are correct.
  2. Click Send Broadcast (if you already attached audio) or Get Recording Instructions (if you are recording new audio)

Note: If you are recording audio you will need to follow the instructions on the Get Recording Instructions page for your broadcast.

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