Adding, Editing, and Deleting Contacts

To Add, Edit or Delete contacts you will start on the CONTACTS section.

To Add contacts:

  • Click +ADD A CONTACT located below the title EVERYONE
  • Enter your contact's information
    • To add the contact to a group click +SELECT GROUP on the right and click the appropriate group(s).
  • Click ADD in the lower right corner
  • If you add a contact to a group, the contact will also be added to the EVERYONE group as well. 

To Edit contacts:

  • Click the contact's name that is in need of editing
  • Make appropriate edits (including the ability to edit the groups they are a part of as well as their opt in/out status)
  • Click SAVE

To Delete contacts:

  • Check the box to the left of the contact(s) phone number
  • Click the trash can icon to the top right 
  • Click OK to confirm and delete the contact
  • You can also hover over the contacts name and click the trash can to the right of the line

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