Navigating the Home Screen

The Home page of your Text-Em-All account is the first page you see when you sign in.  On this page, you're able to view a snapshot of your current credit balance or monthly subscription as well as a list of the recent broadcasts created in your account. Important messages regarding billing may also be displayed here. 

Home Page by Plan

No matter what plan you are on, the Home page shares a lot of similarities. However, there are some key differences to be aware of. 


Credits plans display the following information on the top left of the page. 

To learn more about "Pending Credits" visit our support article on Pending Credits

Tip: Only users with an Account Owner role or an Administrator role will see the "Get More Credits" button to make a purchase. 


Monthly plans display the following information on the top left of the page.

To learn more about the "Unique Count" visit our support article on Unique Counts.

View Previous Broadcasts

All of your previously sent broadcasts will be prominently displayed on the Home page. You can search, sort, filter, and export this list as needed. 

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