How Text Messaging Works with Text-Em-All

Text-Em-All sends text messages from local (landline) numbers and toll-free (1-8xx) numbers. This gives Text-Em-All’s customers more functionality while allowing each client to have dedicated numbers for messaging. This article highlights some of the features possible with our text numbers.

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Before you Begin

Get familiar with what types of messages are allowed on our platform. The same rules that apply to phone calls also apply to text messages: 

  • We send informational messages only (no marketing, promotional, political or solicitation of any kind
  • You must obtain consent to contact your message recipients. 
  • See our Terms of Use & Responsible Use for more information.

Who Can Receive Texts? 

We no longer require your contacts to manually opt-in before they can receive a text message. If a contact has given you their number and has properly consented to receive text messages from you, then you will be able to text them. 

Consent is very important and required to use our platform. Learn more about consent by reading our support article, What is Consent?

Can My Contacts Text-to-Join?

Your contacts may join your account's Contacts page by texting JOIN to your text number.  

Visit our support article on text to join for more detailed instructions. 

What are Conversations?

Our Conversations feature allows you to view and manage all of your text broadcast replies in one place. 

  • Any messages sent to your text number will appear on the Conversations page in your account.
  • You can also begin a new conversation with a phone number and receive direct text messages to your text number.
  • Learn more about Conversations with our article, Using the Conversations Feature
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