Text-Em-All's Stance on Privacy

The following FAQ's explain how we strive to protect your information.

Keeping your account and personal information secure.

At Text-Em-All, we strive to do the right thing even when no one is looking (check out our manifesto). We would never want our own personal information falling into the wrong hands by a careless company, so we promise to protect your information as if it was our own.

Who is the owner of a Text-Em-All account?

Text-Em-All accounts are owned by the individual that creates the account. The data and information within the Text-Em-All account belong to the account holder.

Who has access to a Text-Em-All account?

The owner of the Text-Em-All account can create additional users, who would also have access to Text-Em-All. Users have their own login information to create broadcasts and manage contacts. Users are given privileges determined by the account holder.

Users do not have access to billing information and will not be able to make purchases from within their accounts.

What happens when someone needs access to a Text-Em-All account?

At any time, you’re able to retrieve your username and reset your password using the Forgot Username and Forgot Password links on the login page. All communication will be sent to the email address listed on the account.

This is the only way that we’re able to share username and password information. If there is turnover within your organization and the previous account holder is no longer available or the email address is not accessible, we are happy to assist in creating a new account. We cannot update or change the email address that is associated with the account.

When an account is created at Text-Em-All, we promise to protect your personal information and your contact’s information as highlighted in our Privacy Policy. We take that promise seriously and will not allow anyone access to your account besides you!

Do you have any helpful tips on managing my account?

When establishing your Text-Em-All account, consider using a general office email address that more than one person has access to. This way we can send forgot username and password information to the general email for you or your successor.

Make Text-Em-All a part of your onboarding and offboarding process. Make sure new hires have access to the login credentials and can access the account when needed.

Do we share personal information from an account?

No. Text-Em-All will never share your information without your permission.

Do we redistribute phone numbers?

Absolutely not. We promise to never redistribute your phone numbers in any way or form. We wouldn’t want someone to do that to our numbers, so we won’t do that to your numbers! For additional resources check out our Privacy Policy

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