Choosing the Right Text-Em-All Plan

Choosing the right plan ensures you have access to the right features for your needs. It also ensures you have the most economical plan for your use case. You can purchase credits in a Pay-As-You-Go plan or subscribe to a Monthly Plan. 

To start a trial, visit To upgrade your trial to one of these plans, visit Upgrade Your Trial. You can also switch between plans as your needs change. 

Before You Begin

  • Billing plans apply to individual accounts (including all admin and/or user accounts under the main account). If you have more than one Text-Em-All account you'll pay for each one separately, and each will have its own billing plan. 


For our current pricing on any of these plans, visit our Pricing page.


You can purchase credits that allow you to pay only for what you use. To learn more about how credits work, visit How Credits Work.

This plan is ideal if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You plan to use Text-Em-All infrequently or on an as-needed emergency basis.
  • You have a high volume of messages to send to many different contacts throughout the month. 


You can purchase a monthly subscription that allows you to contact up to a set number of unique phone numbers for the entire month. 

This option is ideal if you fall into both of the following categories:

  • You have a stable group of contacts that do not change often. If your numbers change frequently then this is not a good plan for you as you would need to upgrade frequently when hitting your limit.
  • You plan to send 2-3 or more messages a month (depending on the message's length) to your stable group of contacts.
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