Using the Inbox

The Conversations feature allows you to have one-on-one conversations with your contacts directly within your account in addition to being able to quickly message up to 15 contacts. This can be accessed on the Inbox page. We also have a mobile app so you can manage and respond to conversations on the go. 

 Benefits of Using Conversations:

  • View, manage and respond to replies from a dedicated mobile app
  • Start a new conversation with any domestic (U.S./Canada/Puerto Rico) phone number.
  • Receive text messages sent directly to the text-enabled number on your account.
  • Auto Opt-Outs will automatically opt contacts out of communications that indicate they no longer wish to be reached. 
  • Manage conversations by marking them done with the icon that has three vertical lines and a checkmark.
  • Review recent broadcasts with replies.
  • For monthly plans - all messages and replies are included at no additional cost.
  • For credits plans - outbound messages use one credit per 160-characters, 2 credits for outbound images, and inbound messages are free!
  • We offer an Unlimited Conversations option for those on the credits plan. 
  • View inbound MMS (images) messages from your contacts. Send outbound MMS (images) messages to your contacts. 

Conversations can easily be accessed from the primary navigation bar within your account by clicking INBOX at the top of your page.

Note: In order to use the Conversation feature, you must first have a text number. See how texting works HERE

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