No Spam Policy

We hate unwanted robo-messages — all those annoying spam calls you get during dinner about debt refinancing, credit card offers, cruise deals, a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity in Nigeria from people you've never heard of. That's the exact opposite of what Text-Em-All stands for. We use our powers for good, not evil. In fact, we support the push to end unwanted calls and texts forever.

What Can't You Send Through Text-Em-All?

  • Third-Party Consent - do not use Text-Em-All to send messages to phone numbers that were not given directly to you or your organization. This includes third-party debt collection.
  • Political calls - including calls for soliciting votes or supporting/opposing issues.
  • Telemarketing or promotional calls - including any call designed to induce the purchase of a good or service. Put simply, don’t use our service to encourage people to buy something. Period.
  • Charitable contribution calls - any calls soliciting donations including calls to previous donors.

Read our Terms of Service and our Responsible Use Policy for more information on what we do and do not allow.

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