Use Your Own Toll-Free Number to Send Texts

Similar to phone calls, text messages must come from a pre-designated number. Text-Em-All uses toll-free numbers (ie: 800-555-5555) to send text messages. When you create a new account you are automatically assigned a random toll-free text number for use. You may also bring your own toll-free number if you wish to use it for texting. 

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What is toll-free texting?

Toll-free numbers have been chosen by the major text carriers (AT&T, Verizon, etc..) as the text messaging method of choice for sending informational mass texts. When you create a new account you are automatically assigned a random toll-free text number for use. This number is yours and does not change. Texts to recipients will always appear from this number. 

For best results and acceptable usage among the carriers, ensure your messages:

  • Do not include a URL, numbers, or special characters
  • Do not have a message in all CAPS or excessive punctuation

Benefits of toll-free texting

  • Great for high volume
  • No need for recipients to manually opt-in from their phones before receiving a text. 
  • Allows easy 2-way texting

What number do people see when they get a text message? 

Recipients will see your toll-free text number when they receive a text message. No matter what number you use to send a text message it is very important to always identify yourself in the message. This builds more trust than any other factor.

Can I text enable my mobile phone? 

You can't text enable a mobile phone number for texting. Text carriers do not allow mobile phone numbers to be used for mass texting which is why we cannot enable a mobile number through our service.

How will I receive text replies? 

Inbound messages and replies will only be visible from inside your Text-Em-All account. You will not be able to receive texts directly to your phone's current messaging app. Text-Em-All has a dedicated mobile app designed for one-to-one texting for you to manage replies on the go. Read how to get the mobile app in our article, How to Download the Text-Em-All App.

Text enable your own toll-free numbers (8XX numbers)

Text-Em-All automatically provides you with a toll-free number free of charge. If you have your own toll-free number we can enable it for texting on Text-Em-All's platform. If a recipient calls a toll-free number we provided we will play a courtesy message that informs the caller that this is a text-only number. If you’re using your own toll-free number, the number will perform as normal. 

Follow these steps to text-enable your own toll-free. We are not able to enable mobile phones for texting due to carrier restrictions. 

  1. Fill out this Text-Em-All Letter of Authorization  (LOA) and email it to (You can't enable a mobile number for texting)
  2. We will review your letter and submit it to our carriers for approval. 
  3. Once the number has been approved and is ready for use you will be notified by our team. 

Tip: Toll-free texting is the preferred method for mass texting. If you would like to avoid the restrictions of local landline texting outlined below you will want to use toll-free texting. 

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