How the Monthly Plan Works

The monthly plan is best for users who want to send messages to the same contacts each month. Pricing is based on how many unique phone numbers you message, also called your group size. 

How many phone numbers can I contact?

When purchasing monthly you will select a group size. Your group size is the total number of unique phone numbers you plan to send a message to each month. You can add as many contacts to your Contacts page as you need regardless of which group size you are on. 

Hint: If you're going to contact 100 unique phone numbers this month, choose the 100 group size. 

For group sizes over 2,500, contact us for custom pricing at (877) 226-3080 or

Is the monthly plan unlimited?

Unlike the Pay-As-You-Go plan, which relies on credits, the monthly plan offers unlimited text and voice broadcasts for a monthly flat rate. However, due to the popularity of the unlimited plan and high cost of MMS (6x more than a standard text), monthly users will NOT be able to send images (MMS) in broadcasts. Monthly customers will still be able to receive inbound messages that contain images (MMS) for free.

Text messages will be limited to a maximum of two segments or 320 characters in length.

If you think MMS (images) or longer character lengths for text is a "must-have" for your organization, we'd recommend switching to Pay-As-You-Go. 

Is it possible to message my contacts too frequently? 

Our research shows that sending a voice or text message to a single contact more than twice a week tends to be on the high end of desired messaging. This typically results in the contact opting-out of receiving messages from you. Bottom line: make sure you're respectful of how often your audiences want to receive your messages. 

Can I exchange current contact phone numbers for new ones?

You can add as many new phone numbers to your account’s Contact section as needed, regardless of which monthly group size you are on. However, you’ll only be able to message as many unique phone numbers as your group size supports. The total number of phone numbers you've reached out to is tracked throughout the month and is displayed on your account's homepage. 

Whenever you contact a new phone number, it is added to this unique count and you are then allowed to send them messages as often as needed throughout the remainder of your current month.

What happens if I go over my group size?

If your unique count reaches your total group size amount (ex: you're on the 100 group size and your unique count is at 100), you will not be able to send messages to any new phone numbers until you either upgrade to the next group size or wait for the next month to start. 

Each month your account’s unique count will reset to 0 and you can begin to contact a brand new set of phone numbers if you desire. 

When will I be billed?

On the monthly plan, you are billed on the same day of each month a flat rate based on the chosen group size. We call this day your anniversary date. For example, if you start using the monthly plan on the 3rd of the present month, you will be billed on the 3rd for each of the following months.

If you create an invoice for monthly billing will take place every 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on how your invoicing is structured. The invoice will always renew on the 1st of the month regardless of when you first made your purchase. Learn more about monthly invoices on our support article, Purchasing Monthly via Invoice.

What features does the monthly plan include?

Features Pay-as-you-go Monthly
Mass Broadcasts Yes Yes
Auto Opt-Outs Yes Yes
Message Scheduling Yes Yes
Personalization Yes Yes
Survey Yes Yes
Live Transfer Yes No
MMS Yes $0.05 cents per message
Auto Replies Yes No
Keywords Yes No
API Access Yes No

*MMS is now available on monthly plans as a pay-as-you-go feature. Learn more in our support article regarding MMS for monthly

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