Cancel Your Account

If you would like to cancel your Text-Em-All account, we would love to learn why. Contact us at (877) 226-3080 or email us at If there's something we can do to better serve you, we're all ears.

Cancel Pay-As-You-Go (Credits)

 There is no option to cancel a Pay-As-You-Go account because credits never expire. You can return whenever you are ready.

Cancel Monthly Subscription

Only the admin account holder will have to option to cancel a monthly subscription. The following directions will only work from the admin account. In addition, monthly accounts with an invoice will not have an option to cancel their subscriptions. If you have an invoice and need to cancel please contact us at 877-226-3080 or email us at

  1. Click on your name on the top right of your account to pull up the drop-down menu. 
  2. Click Settings
  3. On the Account tab select Cancel Subscription.
  4. You will be presented several options including the ability to:
    1. Lower Your Group Size
    2. Conver to Pay-As-You-Go
    3. Pause Your Subscription
  5. If you wish to cancel click on Continue To Cancel
  6.  Press Complete Cancellation to finalize cancelation

On the final step, you'll be asked to answer a couple of short questions about why you are canceling. We would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions!

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