Send an Image (MMS) on Monthly Plans

You can send image (MMS) messages on our traditional monthly plans that are paid via credit card.

Tip:  We do not offer the MMS feature on monthly accounts that are paid via invoice. This is because we have not ironed out the billing structure for this add-on charge for an invoiced account. If this feature is important to you, please submit this feedback in our feedback forum.

However, due to the high cost of sending an MMS message we are not able to include the cost of sending MMS messages into the flat rate of the monthly subscription price. To send an MMS message you will need to accept add-on charges. Sending an image costs a flat 5 cents per recipient of the message. Sending an image in a one-to-one conversation is free. Receiving an inbound image in a one-to-one conversation is also free.

How to enable MMS messages for monthly

Only the Account Owner has access to enable or disable MMS messages for the account. The following steps explain how to enable the feature: 

  1. Navigate to your Text Settings page, which is accessible if you click the name in the top-right corner of the account and choose Settings from the drop-down menu. Text Settings will be a tab on the far left side of the Settings page. 
  2. Click the toggle switch to enable MMS for your monthly account. All users on the account will now be allowed to send MMS messages for 5 cents per recipient. Click to Zoom.

How to send an MMS message for monthly

You can add images to your text messages on the Create Broadcast page or the Inbox page. 

  1. Go to Create Broadcast. In step 3 you will type your message. 
  2. Underneath the text message box, you will see a new icon to add an image to your broadcast. Click the Add Image box to add your image. Images can be a maximum of 5 MB and .png or .jpg/.jpeg file types. The MMS feature does not support sending QR codes or gifs. 
    1. You can also 'drag and drop' an image or 'copy and paste' an image to the text box. 
  3. Click to Zoom.
  4. After inserting an image you will see a warning letting you know about your pending charges. On Step 4 you will see a new category to review Add-On charges. Click to Zoom.

Note: You will be charged for all messages that are attempted, even if they fail. 

How am I charged for MMS messages? 

We will charge you for all MMS add-on charges on your normal subscription renewal date. You can see all your pending charges on the Settings Account page. For example, if you pay $35 a month for your monthly subscription and accrue $10 in MMS messages we will charge your credit card $45 on your monthly renewal date. 

Click to Zoom.

Note: If you upgrade your group size, any outstanding MMS add-on charges will be added automatically to the end of your next billing cycle and charged to the card on file. 

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