Understanding Text Broadcast Results

After sending a broadcast, our system will collect the result of each message from the end carrier (e.g. AT&T, Verizon). You can view your text broadcast results from your Broadcast Details page by clicking on the broadcast from the Home screen. Typically, these results are available immediately, but sometimes cellular carriers can take up to 24 hours to send us detailed results.

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Understanding Text Broadcast Details


  • Sent To Carrier - Message was received by the recipient’s mobile carrier. Not all carriers return a handset delivery receipt.

  • Delivered - The recipient’s phone confirmed that the message was received.


  • Phone Unreachable – There are many scenarios that can lead to a cell phone being temporarily unreachable. It could mean the phone is out of its cellular service area, is not currently enabled for text messaging, or is on a prepaid plan and is out of allotted messages. In addition, there are occasional network failures on the carrier side that could lead to failed message delivery. Lastly, we have seen circumstances where this means that the contact has a spam filter enabled for their phone number, this seems to be more prevalent among T-Mobile customers.  

  • Rejected for possible Spam – If carriers believe the text messages being sent from your text number are spam, they are likely to block your messages.


  • Displays phone numbers that opted out before message was sent


  • Lists phone numbers that were not contacted because the system was unable to complete. (ex. Canceled or expired message)

Opted Out

  • Contacts that replied to your broadcast with an opt-out request (e.g. Stop, please remove me from your list, wrong number)


  • These are the inbound text messages that your contacts have sent in response to your message. Here you can respond to individuals or adjust their status to be opted out.

View Broadcast Details Page 

Open broadcast details for any broadcast on the Home page by clicking on the broadcast you wish to see detailed results for. This is a simple two-step process:

  1. Navigate to the Home screen.
  2. Click on the desired broadcast.

View Text Result Categories

On the Broadcast Details screen, you will see several categories with the results of your broadcast on the left side of your screen. To view details: 

  1. Click the category you wish to review on the left side

Sort Your Results

  1. Click the category you wish to review on the left pane
  2. Clicking the title of any column to sort the order of the messages

When Am I Charged?

  • Pay-As-You-Go - Credits will only be deducted for texts sent to the carriers.  Results of ‘Rejected for Possible Spam’ will not deduct credits from your final credit balance.
  • Monthly – Results of ‘Rejected for Possible Spam will not be counted towards your group size.

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