Understanding Voice Broadcast Results

After sending a broadcast, our system will collect the result of each message from the end carrier (e.g. AT&T, Verizon). You can view your voice broadcast results from your Broadcast Details page by clicking on the broadcast from the Home screen. These results are available immediately. 

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View Broadcast Details

  1. Click Home
  2. Click the desired broadcast

Tip: You can also view voice survey results in the Broadcast Details for that broadcast.

View Call Results Categories

By default, when you navigate to Broadcast Details you will be in the Summary section. You can also view your broadcast results by individual category. To do so:

  1. Click the category you wish to review on the left-hand side
  2. Sort Your Results

    1. Clicking the title of any column will sort the order of this category's broadcast results

    Understanding Voice Broadcast Details:

    • Live Person

      • Phone numbers that were answered by a live person
    • Voicemail

      • Calls recorded on some sort of answering service
    • Busy/No Answer

      • Phone numbers were attempted and resulted in a busy signal. This result can occur if a contact does not have call waiting, is using their call waiting, or the call rings without an answer. These calls can be attempted up to four times over a thirty-minute period depending on your account settings.
    • Invalid 

      Phone numbers may appear here when the call is unable to connect. 

      • Not Completed - Phone numbers that could still be processing, the broadcast could have been canceled, or the calling window may have expired.
      • Call Failed - This result can occur if there is dead air, operator intercept, a recording that leads to the call being disconnected or numbers from the "Do Not Call" list. These calls can be attempted up to four times over a thirty-minute period depending on your account settings or different error codes.

    When Am I Charged?

    • Pay-As-You-Go - Credits will only be deducted for calls that reach a live person or voice mail. 
    • Monthly - Calls will only be counted toward your unique count when they reach a live person or voicemail. 
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