Carrier Limits for Local Text Numbers

What's happening?

In order to reduce the amount of spam, fraud, or otherwise unwanted messages being sent to cell phones these days, the carriers have put limitations in place. AT&T has implemented speed limits (messages per minute), while T-Mobile has implemented volume limits (total messages per day). These limits are in addition to the new registration and fee requirements (Text-Em-All is currently waiving all fees) they are imposing. 

What do I need to know? 

Once you start using your local number for sending text messages, you will be subject to the new limits. Don't worry, most users will never reach the daily sending limits or notice any speed reductions. If you need higher volume/speed, we can help you register and apply for it. Read more in our article on local number texting.

How fast can I send texts? 

The following table outlines how the maximum speeds Text-Em-All will attempt to send text messages on local numbers. You can check your local number status on the Settings > Text Settings page.

Local Number Status Messages Per Minute (MPM)
Registered Up to 240
Vetted Up to 4,500

How many messages can I send in a day? 

Text-Em-All does not enforce any daily limit on how many text messages you can send. However, T-Mobile enforces daily text message limits. The following table represents our suggested maximum daily text message volume. If you are close to or exceeding these volumes we suggest you contact us to apply for higher limits. 

Suggested Max Daily Volume* Registration Recommended?
4,000 message segments** YES
4,000+ message segments YES - Vetted

*Daily limits are based on the assumption that, at most, half of your messages will be going to T-Mobile contacts. 
**1 message segment is equal to a 160-characters. So, if you send a message that is 300 characters in length, that would be two segments per recipient.

Carrier limitations breakdown

If you would like to see each carrier's limitations here is a breakdown of where limitations are coming from. If you don't see your carrier in this list then there are no major restrictions for them. 


Verizon currently has no daily volume or speed restrictions in place.


AT&T set limits on how quickly messages can be sent. This is measured in messages per minute (MPM). 

Local Number Status AT&T Messages Per Minute (MPM)
Vetted  240 - 4,500
Registered 240


T-Mobile sets limits on how many messages can be sent in a single day. These limits only apply to contacts that are with T-Mobile (including Sprint).

Local Number Status Daily Message Volume
Vetted  2,000 - 200,000
Registered 2,000  

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