View Replies to Text Broadcasts

You may view and manage text replies to your broadcasts from your Text-Em-All account. Text message recipients are always able to reply to your broadcast. There is no way to prevent all inbound messages as we legally need to provide a way for a recipient to opt-out at any time. This guide will explain how to view replies to your broadcasts.

Tip: It can be important to view your broadcast replies even if you do not intend to reply to them. It will allow you to gather important feedback and, more importantly, allow you to opt-out any contact(s) that no longer wish to receive messages from you that our Auto Opt-Out System may have missed. 

Before You Begin

View Replies from Home

Broadcasts with text replies will be visible from your Home page. To view text replies: 

  1. Click the small blue link on the broadcast to view replies.
    1. This will bring you to the Replies section of the Broadcast Details page for this broadcast. 

Tip: Only broadcasts with a reply will have this link. 

View Replies from Conversations

You may view replies to specific broadcasts on the Conversations page. To view text replies: 

  1. Navigate to the Conversations page
  2. On the left-hand column, you will see a section titled "Broadcasts". Click the broadcast you wish to view replies for. 

Tip: Only broadcasts that have replies will show in this column. 

View Replies from Broadcast Details

You may view replies on the Broadcast Details page. To view text replies:

  1. On the Home page click the broadcast you wish to view
  2. If your broadcast has a reply you will be able to click on the Replies category on the left-hand side. 

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