Add Audio to the Audio Library

You may add audio directly to your audio library to use in future broadcasts. This article shows you how to add audio to your audio library on the Message Library page. 

Before You Begin

  • Audio messages that are sent in as part of a broadcast will automatically be saved to the Audio Library.
  • Audio is archived three months after the last time is was used unless it is favorited. Click the Star icon to favorite audio. Note that 3 months is NOT 90 days. If the last use date is the 31st, the audio will be archived 3 months later regardless if that month ends on the 31st or not. 

Record New Audio to Audio Library

  1. Go to Message Library → Audio Library
  2. Click Audio Library
  3. Click Add a Message 
  4. Follow the directions provided. You can call our recording line from any working phone.

Upload Audio to Audio Library

You may upload audio from your computer to your audio library. The file must be .WAV or .MP3 formats and must be 2 minutes or less in length. (For a  .WAV file, it must be formatted to be 8,000 HZ, 64 kbps, Mono, 50MB max)

  1. Go to Message Library → Audio Library
  2. Click UPLOAD A FILE
  4. Find the file on your computer and select it.

For the best quality, we suggest recording messages over the phone. Your uploaded audio might be down-sampled to match the quality of the telephone system.

Note: It is important to listen to the audio you upload before it goes out to ensure there were no issues with the upload. 

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