Enhanced Text Messages

What is an Enhanced Text Message?

An Enhanced Text Message is a text that contains one or more of the following:

  • An image
  • Special characters (including Emojis)
    • (See "What are special characters?" section below.)
  • Messages between 321 - 960 characters long
    • (Monthly accounts only)

How much do Enhanced Text Messages cost?

For the Credits plan:

  • An Enhanced Text Message costs 1 additional credit per recipient.

For the Monthly plan:

  • An Enhanced Text Message costs 5 cents per recipient.
    • We keep track of all the Enhanced Text messages sent from your account during your current billing cycle and add those charges to your next bill.

What are special characters?

Special characters are any characters that are not part of the GSM-7 character set.

What is GSM-7?

GSM-7 is a special way of encoding characters used in text messages on GSM networks. It takes the most commonly used letters and symbols from different languages and allows up to 160 characters to be included in a single message.

The basic character set for GSM-7:

GSM-7 Character Set

Why do Enhanced Text Messages cost more than a regular SMS text?

The simple answer is that messages containing special characters, images, and lots of characters cost more for Text-Em-All to send.

Many of our competitors choose to reduce your character count and charge extra for features like images. We decided to bundle all these special features to give more value to our users.

How do I turn on/off Enhanced Texts in my account?

Credits plan: Enhanced Texts cannot be turned off, but Text-Em-All users can choose not to send them.

  • See "Do I have to send out Enhanced Text Messages?" section below.

Monthly plan: Enhanced Texts can be turned on by the Text-Em-All account owner within the Text Composer or in the Text Settings of an account (see screenshot). Account owners can also turn off this feature for their accounts at any time.

To turn Enhanced Texts on for Monthly accounts:

  1. Navigate to your Settings > Text Settings page
  2. Scroll down to the Add Ons section and click the toggle next to the question “Enable Enhanced Text Messages for this account?”

Note: Account admins and sub-users cannot turn Enhanced Texts on or off.

Do I have to send out Enhanced Text Messages?

No, you are not required to create Enhanced Text Messages. However, there are some cases you won’t be able to avoid using them. For example, if your text message must include special characters or an image.

Any time you create a text message that becomes an Enhanced Text, we point it out to you in the Text Composer (see screenshot below) so that you're aware. If you don't want to send the Enhanced Text, simply delete whatever is causing your text to become an Enhanced Text. Example: if you remove the image you added or delete the special characters in the text, it will go back to being a regular SMS text.

Are Enhanced Text Messages available to all accounts?

No. Enhanced Texts are not available for Invoiced Monthly plans. All other account types have access to Enhanced Texts.

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