Change Your Group Size

If you are on the Monthly plan and do not have an invoice, you may change your group size at any time. Be aware, there are differences in when those changes will take place based on if you are increasing or decreasing your group size.

Increase Group Size

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Account page 
  2. Click Change Group Size 
  3. Select your new group size and click Change Group Size
  4. Confirm payment information and click Change Your Group Size

When increasing your group size your bill will be prorated based on how much you have already paid and the amount of time left in your current billing cycle. Upon upgrading, you will immediately increase to the larger group size and a new billing cycle will be with the current date as the new renewal date.

Decrease Group Size

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Account page 
  2. Click Change Group Size 
  3. Select your new group size and click Change Group Size

Your group size will NOT change immediately when you decrease your group size. You must finish out the remainder of your billing cycle at the original higher group size. On your next renewal date, your group size will be lowered.

Differences for Invoiced Monthly

If you have a 3-, 6-, or 12- month subscription via invoice you will not be able to change your group size from within your account. Send an email to to request a change in your group size. If you do change your group size please be aware of the following:

  • If you decrease your plan size you will be required to finish out the remainder of your invoice before the change takes effect.
  • If you increase your plan size the change will take place immediately, however, your invoice renewal date will remain the same. The billing cycle for monthly invoicing is always the first of the month. 

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