How Contacts Can Opt Out of Messages

A customer can opt-out of receiving future messages from your account at any time. 

NoteWhen a number opts out from a text message, we will block your account from sending BOTH voice and text messages to that number.

By the recipient from a phone call:

  • At the end of each live-answered message, the recipient is given the option to press 3 to opt-out.
  • By calling 866-284-6198, a recipient can opt-out from receiving an account's phone calls.

By the recipient from a text message:

  • Text any of the following standard terms to your text-enabled phone number - STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE. 
    • The first time you send a text message to any new phone number from your text number, opt-out instructions stating "Reply STOP to stop anytime" will be included at the end of your text message. These instructions do not count toward your character count.
  • On our older short code platform, contacts can text "STOP" to 292929. 

By the Text-Em-All account holder:

Within your Text-Em-All account, you also have the ability to add phone numbers to your opt-out list. This can be done from several places in your account:

  • Clicking the 'Add' button on the Opt Out Report
  • Via text message replies 
    • From a one-to-one conversation 

    • From the replies tab of the Broadcast Details page (Home > Completed Text Broadcasts)

Note: While our system will automatically opt-out numbers that text back with a standard term (stop, cancel, or unsubscribe), all users are responsible for viewing/managing replies to ensure users asking to opt-out are opted out. 

You can always view your opt-outs by going to the REPORTS tab in your account. Click your name in the top right corner, select REPORTS, and choose the Opt Out Report.

Want to opt back in? Learn how here.

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