How Contacts Can Opt Out of Messages

A customer can opt out of receiving future messages from your account at any time. 

NoteWhen a number opts out of a text message, we will block your account from sending BOTH voice and text messages to that number.

How contacts may opt out by phone:

  • At the end of each live-answered message, the recipient is given the option to press 3 to opt out.
  • By calling 866-284-6198, a recipient can opt out of receiving any messages from Text-Em-All.
  • Opting out of by voice will ONLY opt the user out of voice messages. They will still be able to receive text messages. 

How contacts may opt out via text:

  • Text any of the following standard terms to your account text number - STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE. 
    • The first time you send a text message to any new phone number from your text number, opt-out instructions stating "Reply STOP to stop anytime" will be included at the end of your text message. These instructions do not count toward your character count.
  • On our older short code platform, contacts can text "STOP" to 292929.

How to opt a contact out from within your Text-Em-All account:

Within your Text-Em-All account, you also have the ability to add phone numbers to your opt-out list. This can be done from several places in your account:

Opt-Out Report

  1. Go to Reports → Opt-Out Report
  2. Click the Add An Opt-Out button to add a contact to be opted out. 


  1. From a one-to-one conversation 
  2. Click the Opt-Out icon
  3. You can also click the three-dot menu on the conversation and then click Opt-Out.

Broadcast Details

  1. From any tab on Broadcast Details for a completed broadcast.
  2. Click the three-dot menu for the number
  3. Click Opt-Out

Note: While our system will automatically opt-out numbers that text back with a standard term (stop, cancel, or unsubscribe), all users are responsible for viewing/managing replies to ensure users asking to opt-out are opted out. 

Want to opt back in? Learn how here.

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