Creating Text Templates

You may add a previously created text message to your text broadcast. You may also create new templates for future use. They will be stored in your Message Library.

Create a Text Template

  1. Go to Message Library → Text Library
  2. Click Add Template
  3. Give your template a name and content. 
  4. Click Create when finished. 

Share Text Templates with Users

This option is only available to customers with Account Owner-level privileges. 

Sharing text templates will allow Users to edit and use the text template. Users cannot delete text templates that have been shared. Users cannot share text templates with other users.

  1. Go to Message Library → Text Library
  2. Find the text template you wish to share and click the three-dot menu  on that row.
  3. Click Mark as shared

Please note: If you are the Account Owner of the main account, you are able to share your templates with your Users by clicking the toggle to 'Share with Users' when creating a template.

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