Add an Image to a Text Template in Message Library

You may add an image to a new or existing text template in your Message Library if you are on the Pay-As-You-Go-Plan.

Add an Image to a New Text Template 

  1. Go to Message Library → Text Library
  2. Click Add a Template
  3. Give your template a name
  4. Type your template message
  5. Click the Insert Image icon
  6. Select your image from your computer
  7. Click Create

Add an Image to an Existing Text Template

  1. Go to Message Library → Text Library
  2. Find the text template you wish to add an image to and click the three-dot menu on that row.
  3. Click Edit from the menu.
  4. Click the Insert Image icon
  5. Select your image
  6. Click Save

Image (MMS) Message Credit Cost

All image (MMS) messages cost 2 credits per recipient, regardless of message character length. (Not available for monthly)

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