User Roles

Some accounts may want to have multiple logins to be able to utilize Text-Em-All as a team. When setting up users on your account you can choose between 3 different roles: Account Owner, Admin, and User. All users can be created on the Users tab on your account's Settings page. Learn how to set up Users with our support article Creating Additional Users

Account Owners

Account Owners have access to all features available on your plan. They may make purchases, create users, assign text numbers, control billing and credit cards, and more. It is usually best to keep this role to as few people as possible as they will have complete control over the account. 


Admins are a mid-level role for the account. The main advantage of an admin is that they can purchase credits and pay invoices without having access to all of the account's billing information. They won't be able to do higher-level functions like manage billing (credit cards, billing contacts, PO numbers, etc). Admins can also create other users and assign them as Admins or Users, but cannot create Account Owners. 

Note:  Anyone can make a payment via our external payment portal. Learn more about the payment portal in our support article: Paying Invoices Via Payment Portal


Users can send and receive messages but do not automatically receive access to your account's text number. You need to share access to the text number for a user to text. Users do not have access to make purchases or see past billing history. You can also limit what broadcasts, contacts, and saved audio or text templates are shared with users. 

Account Roles & Privileges Chart 

Create and send voice/text broadcasts.
View completed broadcasts and broadcast detail summaries.*
Start a conversation.
View and respond to text replies.
Add, edit, or delete contacts and contact groups.*
Record new audio messages into the Message Library.
Create and edit text templates.
View plan details.
Manage voice settings.
View usage reports.
Manage text settings (e.g. set up phone launch, set max character count)
Connect with integrations.
Purchase credits.** X
Pay invoices.** X
View, create, and manage Users. X
Manage User access to text numbers. X
View transaction history. X
Enable join replies. X X
Enable required opt-ins. X X
Manage billing details (e.g. PO numbers, billing contacts). X X
Share stored audio messages and text templates. X X
Enable Unlimited 1:1 X X
Add/edit/delete credit cards. X X
Change monthly group size. X X
Convert monthly accounts to the credits plan. X X
Enable MMS on monthly plans. X X

*This privilege can be limited to show Users only broadcasts that they send or contacts that they add. 

**Using the credit card on file. Only Account Owners can add new credit cards.

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