Inbound MMS Messaging

You can receive inbound MMS messages in your Inbox. By texting your account's text number, your contacts can send pictures, like a time card, to your team.

Inbound images are viewable in three places:

What can your team do with this feature?

  • You can download any pictures to save and make notes for future reference and conversations.
  • Text-Em-All will mark any explicit images for your team so there are not any surprises - you'll also be able to view any explicit images as needed.
  • Filtering text replies in broadcast details is an easy way to view all replies that contain an MMS message.
  • Conversations is a great place to go to view, download, and scroll through multiple images that a contact sends your team.
  • Encourage your contacts to reply with images to help answer questions and take care of their inquiries.
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