Launching a Text Broadcast by Phone

You can launch text broadcasts directly from your mobile phone without having to log in to your Text-Em-All account! You must first enable this feature in the Text Settings section of your Settings page by adding your cell phone as an authorized number.

How to enable Phone Launch 

  1. Click the name in the top right hand corner.
  2. Select Settings from the drop down menu.
  3. Click Text Settings on the left.
  4. Click Set Up Text Phone Launch (If there is already a mobile number entered, click 'Edit' to change the number.)
  5. Enter your mobile number and click Save

How to use Text Phone Launch

To launch a broadcast, you'll send a text (that begins with the # sign) to your account's toll-free number. If you want to send a text to a specific group instead of everyone, you'll need to know the List ID of the group that you want to text. You can learn about List ID's here

To text a specific group: 

  1. Text #ListID and your message to your account's toll-free number.
    1. Example: "#6 Coach Jones here. The start time for tomorrow's game has changed to 8pm." 

To text all of the cell phone numbers in your account: 

  1. Text #all or #0 and your message to your account's toll-free number.
    1. Example: "#all Coach Jones here - Don't be late for tomorrow's 8pm game!"

You are also able to send a broadcast directly through the Text-Em-All mobile site which you can download at

**Sending an image is not compatible with Phone Launch. 

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