Launching a Voice Broadcast by Phone

You can send voice broadcasts from any phone without a computer as long as your contacts have previously been added to your account online and you have set up a Phone Launch Phone ID and PIN in your Voice Settings.

Before You Begin

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How to set up Voice Phone Launch

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Voice Settings page
  2. Click on Setup Phone Launch under Broadcast Settings
  3. Create a  numerical Phone ID and PIN number. 
  4. Note: Phone ID and Phone PIN are DIFFERENT than what is used to sign in to the account online.

  5. Click Setup 

How to create voice broadcast by phone

Once you set up Voice Phone Launch with your unique Phone ID and PIN number you may create voice only broadcasts from any phone. Use the following directions to send your voice broadcast by phone.

  1. Call 866-623-7525 from any working phone
  2. Follow the prompts to enter your unique Phone ID and PIN number
  3. Follow the guided prompts to send your message to your Everyone group or a specific group using the group's List ID number. 

Note: You may change or delete your Phone ID and PIN by clicking the EDIT or DELETE options for Phone Launch on the Voice Settings page.

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