Survey Broadcast

A survey broadcast allows you to ask a question to your group via voice message and have them respond on their phone keypad. We will report back to you what each caller pressed in the  Broadcast Details page for that particular broadcast. You can view by each caller or by each response according to the tabs on the Broadcast Details page. You can toggle between both call results and survey results (by clicking the appropriate link as seen below). 

To create a survey broadcast, click the CREATE A BROADCAST tab at the top of the page after logging in.

Settings & Recipients

Select the Message Type and name the broadcast. 

Choose 'Survey' as the Broadcast Type.

You will then go through the normal steps of creating a broadcast


You’ll notice that an extra step is added because you will need to record two voice messages.

  • Live Answered Message - In the event that a person picks up the phone, the recording will include the option to press a keypad combination to answer your question. 
    • You must mention (STAR)1, (STAR)2, etc.
  • Voice Mail Message - In the event that the system gets a voice mail, the recording is more of a general announcement. 

Example Messages

Live Answer
"Hi, this is Mark Jones calling to remind you about our weekly meeting at 8:30 today. If you can make it, please press (star) 1.  If not, please press (star) 2. If you're unsure, please press (star) 3. Thank you."

Voice Mail
"Hi, this is Mark Jones calling to remind you about our weekly meeting at 8:30 today. We have some very important items to cover, so please remember to come to the meeting prepared and on time. We’ll see you there."

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