Understanding Default Contact Groups

In the Contacts section of your Text-Em-All account, there are three folders above your Groups that we've created to help you manage your contacts. They are:

  • The Everyone Folder
    • The folder that houses all contacts in your account including contacts that are also in a specific group. This folder serves as your master contact list.
  • The Unfiled Folder
    • Contacts that you choose to not put into a Group will be displayed here. Think of this as your Everyone folder minus any contacts that you've put into your created Groups.
  • The Deleted Folder
    • Contacts that you have deleted from your Everyone Folder or Groups will go here. 
    • Contacts sit here for 30 days before we delete them permanently from your account. 
      • You have the option of manually going to the Deleted folder and deleting them permanently or you can restore them from the Deleted Folder.

Aside from Text-Em-All's Folders, you also have the ability to create your own groups.

  • You may create as many groups of contacts as you'd like. 
  • When you create a voice or text broadcast, you can select contacts from your groups to be the recipients of your messages.
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