How to Opt Back in to Receiving Messages

If a contact has accidentally opted out or changed their mind, there are several ways for them to begin receiving Text-Em-All messages again.

  • Text Messages
    • The individual can text your account's toll-free number with the word "UNSTOP." For example, text UNSTOP to 888-123-4567 and you'll begin receiving text messages again from this number.
    • On our older short code platform, contacts can text "JOIN [keyword]" to 292929.
  • Phone Calls
    • The Text-Em-All account holder can remove phone numbers from the 
      • Opt Out Report
      • Contact Section

Opt Out Report

The image below shows where to access the Opt Out Report and how to remove a phone number from the report to begin receiving voice calls again. The recipient must have given consent to receive your voice calls before you can remove them from the Opt Out Report.

  • Go to the REPORTS section of the account, under your name on the upper right corner of the account
  • Click on the OPT OUT REPORT
  • locate the phone number that needs to be added back 
  • Click on the marked out phone ICON 
  • Confirm CONSENT
  • SAVE your changes

Contacts Section

The image below details how to update a phone number, from the CONTACTS section to be added back to voice calls.

  • Go to CONTACTS
  • click on the cross out phone ICON
  • confirm CONSENT
  • SAVE changes

Please note: Opting back in for text messages will not automatically opt a phone number back in for voice calls. Similarly, opting back in for voice calls will not automatically opt a phone number back in for text messages.

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