Why Are My Credits Pending?

After going through the steps of Create Broadcast, credits will be in a pending status while your message waits to go out. The credits will leave the pending status once a broadcast has been completed. 

Why are credits held in a pending status?

We hold the credits in a pending status to make sure that your pending broadcasts have enough credits to send your messages. If we didn't hold them in reserve you might accidentally create several messages back to back but only have enough credits to send one of them. Holding credits in reserve for created broadcasts ensures you will always have enough credits for the broadcasts you create. 

Why are so many credits in pending status? 

The amount of credits that go into a pending status is based on how many calls/texts you are making and how many credits you have available. 

Text pending credits:

For text, the amount of pending credits is easy to calculate because we have all the information when you create your text broadcast. We know the length of the message and how many numbers it will go to. Therefore, we will only need to hold the credits necessary for the text broadcast you create.

Voice pending credits:

Holding credits for voice broadcasts works a bit differently than text broadcasts because we don't always know upfront how long your message is going to end up being. By default, we will hold the maximum number of credits needed to send the longest message possible. 

For example, if you are sending a broadcast to 100 people we will hold 400 credits which would allow you to record up to the maximum time length of 2 minutes. If you only end up using 100 credits, we will release the other 300 back into the pool to use on future broadcasts. 

How can I see how many credits will be held as pending?

  • We let you know how many credits you may end up using on Step 4 of the Create Broadcast page. It looks like this:
  • Example: This voice broadcast contains 17 phone numbers. You are able to record up to 120 seconds because you have enough credits in your account to do so. We provide a range of how many credits will be consumed because we don't know know how long your voice message will be nor how many credits to deduct.

    Pending credits will also appear on your home screen.

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