Create a Keyword

This article walks you through how to create and edit a keyword. Keywords help you engage your contacts by creating a memorable word or phrase that they can text to you. The keyword will trigger an automatic message that you create.

Note: Auto replies are only available for pay-as-you-go accounts at this time. 

What are Keywords?

A keyword is a word or phrase that allows people to receive an automated text message that you create. Keywords can include letters and numbers. 

Examples of keywords include:

  • TEXT100

Additional information on keywords:

Keywords are currently only available on the Pay-As-You-Go credits plan. Each keyword may trigger only one time every 12 hours per contact. This will prevent contacts from triggering your automated reply repeatedly and possibly using up your credits. You may have unlimited keywords.

Create a Keyword

  1. Navigate to the Automation → Keywords page.
  2. Click the Add A Keyword button.
  3. Type your keyword. This is what people will text to your number in order to get an automatic response. Keywords can include letters, numbers, or spaces, but no special characters. Try to keep the keyword short and memorable. 
  4. Type your message. Your message can be up to 960 characters or whatever character limit your account is set to. 
  5. Next, select a text number you want to assign the keyword to. Anyone who texts the keyword to the selected text numbers will receive your message automatically. 
  6. Click Create Keyword.
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