Using Text-Em-All and Avionté Bold

If you have an Avionte Bold account, you can use Text-Em-All's text and voice broadcasting, as well as 2-way text conversation services.

Connecting to Avionté Bold

To connect your Text-Em-All and Avionte Bold accounts, log into Avionte Bold and navigate to the Avionte Marketplace. There, search for Text-Em-All.

On the Text-Em-All area, click the Details button. Avionte will instruct you to contact Avionte rep and an Avionte team member will be in touch to help get you started. You will see this screen at this step:

Once they've given you access to the Text-Em-All integration, you will be able to click Enable Text-Em-All Integration. If you don't already have a Text-Em-All account, please contact us so we can help you get that set up so you can turn on the integration.

On this page, you will be asked to enter in your team's admin Text-Em-All account username and password. Contact the main admin on your Text-Em-All account for this information or have them log into their Avionte Bold account and complete this part.

Once that's done, you can enter in your Text-Em-All username and password to connect your Text-Em-All user account to your Avionte Bold user account.

Changing Your Text-Em-All Username and/or Password

Changing your Text-Em-All username or password after connecting the integration will break the integration connection.

To reconnect the integration, the user will need to re-complete the integration connection steps with their new Text-Em-All username and password.

To ensure a smooth reconnection, we highly suggest clearing your browser’s cache and cookies before reconnecting the accounts.

Creating Text and Voice Broadcasts

In Avionte Bold, you can create mass text and voice messages to lists of candidates and contacts. There are several places in Bold you can kick these Broadcasts off but the steps are the same. 

You will first search for a list of people you want to send your Broadcast too in Bold's search functions. Once you do that, select the check marks next to the candidates/contacts you wish to send your Broadcast to. 

Then, click the Mass Actions button at the bottom right of the screen. Select the "Create Text-Em-All Broadcast" button. A window will pop up showing you the contacts you've selected and their associated phone numbers, that way you know which contacts have a phone number in Bold we can send the Broadcast to and which ones, if any, don't.

This will automatically sign you into your Text-Em-All account in a new tab and put you in step 1 of Create Broadcast. Your contacts will automatically show up from Bold in step 2.

When you're done creating your Broadcast and return to Avionte Bold, you will see a summary of the phone numbers sent to Text-Em-All. Bold highlights and contacts who were unable to get the message and gives you the ability to correct any issues and create a new broadcast to these contacts once they're fixed. This is not mandatory, but is helpful if you want to fix any invalid contacts and make sure they get a message from you, too.

Another place you can send broadcasts is from a Job order in Avionte Bold. 

For example, if I go to a company and look at its open jobs, I can select Placements and see a list of all the Talent currently placed on a Job for this company. I can click the "Create Text-Em-All Broadcast" button to send them all a Broadcast through the integration.

This helps if you ever need to message the associates you've put on a specific assignment:

Text Conversations

The first place you can access your text conversations is on the candidate profile. As long as you have the Text-Em-All integration turned on and the candidate you want to text has a phone number associated with their contact record, you can go to their profile in Avionte Bold and engage in a 2-way text conversation immediately. 

Simply go to their candidate/contact profile and navigate to the Quick Actions on the right side of the page. Click the Text-Em-All Conversations button and you're able to text back and forth with the individual.

Additionally, you can hover your mouse over over any of your text notes and click the Text-Em-All Conversations button as seen below. That will open up your Text-Em-All conversations thread with the candidate/contact.

Text-Em-All Conversations Inbox

Your Text-Em-All Conversations inbox can also be accessed from Avionte Bold from the myDashboard page. First, however, you'll need to enable the Text-Em-All Widget on your dashboard.

To do this, click on myDashboard. Then select "Add a Widget".

From here, press the green + sign next to the Text-Em-All option:

Once that's done, you'll have the Text-Em-All Widget on your dashboard. It looks like this:

This widget shows you a summary of how many texts you've sent through the integration, how many contacts have not responded, and how many contacts have responded. You can click on the number and Avionte will pop up a report showing you exactly which contacts responded, did not respond, etc.

If you click on the chat bubble at the top of the widget next to the refresh button, that will open up your Text-Em-All Conversations inbox. Here you can manage all Text-Em-All conversations and engage with those who have responded to you. Click here to learn about Text-Em-All Conversations.

Logging Notes in the Candidate's profile

As you send and receive messages through the Text-Em-All integration, all records of these events are automatically logged in the Activities section of each candidate or contact profile. Simply go to the candidate or contact's profile, click on Activities, and you'll see a log of ever inbound and outbound message sent through the integration.

Broadcasting to More than 500 Candidates?

Right now, you can select up to 500 candidates in an Avionte Bold mass search. 

If you need to contact more than 500 candidates, Avionte Bold allows you to export searches of 500 at a time. You can export those spreadsheets and combine them into one master candidate contact list. Then, sign into your Text-Em-All account and click Create Broadcast. In step 2, you can upload a spreadsheet of as many candidates as you need.

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