ReCaptcha Is Not Working

What is ReCaptcha?

Text-Em-All is a powerful tool that can do a lot of damage if used by people wanting to commit fraud. ReCaptcha is a security tool created by Google to help us verify the legitimacy of a user on account creation and each login attempt. 

How to troubleshoot ReCaptcha errors 

  • Try to refresh the page and try signing in again. 
  • If you see the error again, please make sure that you have Javascript enabled. 
  • Ensure your current browser does not have any extensions/add-ons enabled: 
    • Since ReCaptcha is enabled by Google services, using proxies or add-ons that block Google server requests will cause problems (an example being ad blockers such as Ghostery)
  • Use a different browser to see if you receive the same error. Check out our supported web browsers
  • If the same error occurs with multiple browsers, it is possible the issue is caused by the current network connection you are using (certain regions or territories may have automatically blocked Google services). We advise connecting to a different network and try signing in again.
  • You may also want to check with your IT team to see if Google is currently blocked by your security software or Internet Service Provider (ISP). You can whitelist* to see if that clears the issue. 

I'm still getting a ReCaptcha error!

Contact us and we will do our best to help you out.

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