Troubleshooting Create Broadcast

This article explains some issues that may arise when using Create Broadcast. 

Tip: If you can't send a broadcast, it could be related to a system-wide issue we're fixing. Check our Status page to stay updated about any downtime. 

Before You Begin

Check the top of your Home page for status messages. If action is required on your account there will be a message there for you to read. If you have a User account you may need to contact the Account Owner of the main account for help with billing issues and subscription expirations. If you have a User account and see an alert that you do not have access to a text number, you will need to reach out to an Account Owner who can assign you one

I Can't Upload a File 

If you are having difficulties uploading a file you may want to try a couple of things to get the file to upload. 

  • Save the file as a .CSV
  • Copy and paste the content of the file into a new file and save it
  • Ensure there is no special formatting on any cells
  • If all else fails, email the file to for further troubleshooting.

I See an Error Message

A Billing Problem Occurred

This message is likely due to a credit card being declined upon monthly renewal. To resolve this:

  • Check the credit card on file in your account. Ensure that the card has not expired. If it has expired you will need to replace the card. For more information, read our article on managing your credit card
  • If your card is not out of date, it is possible that your card company has declined charges from Text-Em-All. Our unique name may cause card companies to mistrust charges. They may be declining charges out of an abundance of caution. You will need to reach out to your credit card company to authorize charges from Text-Em-All. 

After correcting your credit card issue you will need to Reactivate your account. Follow the steps in this article to reactivate an inactive account

Tip: If you are logged into a User account you will need to contact the Account Owner of the main account to deal with billing problems. Only the Account Owner can update billing methods or make payments. 

Your Subscription Has Expired

If you can't send a broadcast due to a subscription expired message this is likely due to an unpaid invoice OR the account holder has not requested a new invoice (auto-renewal is off). To resolve this:

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