Assign Text Numbers to Users

Before users are able to send text messages from their account, you'll need to give them access to one (or more) of your text numbers.

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Before you Begin

Only Account Owners or Admins can assign a text number to User accounts. If you are logged in as a User you will not see the below options and will need to contact an Account Owner or Admin for help. 

Assign Text Number from Users Page

  1. Go to the Settings → Users page.
  2. Click on the User to whom you wish to assign the number.
  3. In the Edit dialog, click Text Numbers
  4. Click Assign Text Numbers.
  5. Click the text number you'd like to give them access to.
  6. Click Save.

Assign Text Number from Conversations Page

  1. Go to Conversations
  2. Hover your mouse over the number on the left hand side and click the icon with three horizontal dots
  3. Click Manage User Access from the drop-down menu
  4. Click Assign Users button at the top of the dialog to add users 
  5. Click the User you would like to give access
  6. Click Save.

Remove User Access to a Text Number

  1. Follow either of the above steps to reach the "Edit" or "Manage Users" dialog
    1. In Edit User click Text Numbers, then click the Unassign button next to the number you wish to remove.
    2. In Manage Users hover over the user and click the Remove button.
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