Send Image in Create Broadcast

Credits plan accounts may send outbound images from the Create Broadcast page. Monthly accounts do not include the ability to send an MMS (image) as part of their subscription fee but can opt to allow add-on charges to send MMS messages. Once added, monthly accounts will also be able to send outbound images from the Create Broadcast page.

Note: We do not offer the MMS feature on monthly accounts that are paid via invoice. This is because we have not ironed out the billing structure for this add-on charge for an invoiced account. If this feature is important to you, please submit this feedback in our feedback forum.

Send an Image in Create Broadcast

  1. Complete Steps 1 and 2 of Create Broadcast (Message Type must be Text or Voice & Text)
  2. On Step 3 of Create Broadcast, type a message or select a text template from the text library.
  3. Click the orange Insert Image icon to add an image.

  4. Select an image from your computer or drag and drop an image from your computer into the message field.

Note: Images can be a maximum of 5 MB and .png or .jpg/.jpeg file types. Adding an image will not affect your word count. The MMS feature does not support sending QR codes or gifs. 

Cost to Send an Image in Create Broadcast


Text broadcasts that include an image (MMS) require one additional credit. Sending an image alone costs 2 credits.

Monthly Plans:

Images sent in reply to an existing conversation to one number are included in the monthly subscription fee. This can be done from the far-right Conversations pane or the Broadcast Details 'Replies' tab. 

Images sent in a broadcast will cost 5 cents per recipient. Learn more about how to enable MMS messaging and how MMS charges work here

Note: Inbound images are always free!

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