Voice Settings: Adjusting Your Call Speed

The Call Speed is the rate at which calls are being sent out. Slowing down your Call Speed helps manage incoming responses to voice broadcasts that are sent out. 

Before you begin

  • Once the Call Speed feature has been changed it will only affect future broadcasts. Pending or in-progress broadcasts will not be affected by a Call Speed change on your Settings page. You can read about how to edit your existing broadcast call speed in our article, Edit Existing Broadcasts.
  • Transfer and Connect calls will have the call speed automatically adjusted based on the number of transfer lines available. 
  • If the Call Speed rate you selected is still sending out your calls too fast you can pause your broadcast. 

To update your Call Speed:

  1. Go to Settings → Voice Settings
  2. Click the Edit button to the right of "Call Speed"
  3. Adjust the call speed to the desired rate using the drop-down menu.  
  4. Click SAVE when finished. 
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