Toll-Free Number Texting

What is Toll-Free Number Texting?

Toll-Free number texting allows you to send a high volume of text messages. Toll-Free number texting can be used in the US and Canada.  

Do I qualify for a Toll-Free number?

In order to use a toll-free number, you must register your organization and the messages you plan to send. Contact us to register or to discuss your text number options. We're here to help!

What are the benefits of a Toll-Free number? 

  • Supporting the efforts to fight spam  – Users of toll-free number messaging go through a more thorough setup that requires registration of your usage.  This process is intended to keep unwanted messages out of the automated messaging industry and support important high-volume users.
  • Toll-free number is unique to your account  – Messages from a consistent number can build engagement and provides a great experience for. 

How do I get a Toll-Free number? 

When you create your account, you will be assigned a local number to text from. If you'd like to obtain a toll-free number and register your organization, please reach out to our support team at 877-226-3080 or email us at

What does registration mean? 

Carriers are tasked with the responsibility of reducing spam messages. In order to reach this goal the carriers require organizations to register themselves and their traffic. This is a one-time process that will reduce the chance of your messages being blocked accidentally as carriers try to fight spam. 

Can I use my own Toll-Free number?

If you'd prefer to use your own phone number, fill out this Text-Em-All Letter of Authorization (LOA) and email it to (You can't enable a mobile number for texting). Our team will work with the carriers to text-enable your number. 

How long does registration take?

Since the registration process is required for all toll-free messages, there is a backlog in the processing time. The current estimate for the registration process is 5-8 weeks.

Best Practices

As a best practice, with any of our messaging options, we highly recommend:
  • Introduce yourself in your first message
  • Encourage your contacts to save the number on their phone as a contact number they will easily recognize in the future.  
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