Local Number Texting

What is Local Number Texting?

Local number texting (also known as 10DLC, or 10-digit long code), allows you to send texts from a local number (e.g., a familiar area code instead of an 800 number). Local number texting can be used in the US and Canada. 

Do I qualify for a local number?

Yes! However, depending on the volume of messages you send, there may be different requirements to get you started. 
*If you're a high-volume or enterprise customer, a toll-free number may still be a better option. Contact us and we're happy to help determine which texting option is best for you!

What are the benefits of a local number? 

  • Carrier support and assurance – Like toll-free numbers, communications providers allow you to register your usage which will help avoid unintentional spam filtering.  
  • Local phone number recognition – Send text messages to your contacts individually or in mass with a local phone number. Contacts may trust a local number more which helps build engagement and provides a great experience. 
  • Text- and voice-enabled phone numbers – Local numbers support voice, which allows your customers to send and receive text messages on the same number they call you on. This creates a more seamless experience for customers, making it easier and more convenient to engage with you between calls and text messages.  

Are there any limits on local texting?

Yes, some carriers have restrictions you should consider. 
The following numbers are the suggested maximum daily text message volume we recommend. These suggestions are based on T-Mobile's daily volume limits for local numbers. Medium to high-volume users are still able to text from a local number, but we recommend you register your organization first. 
Suggested Max Daily Volume* Registration Recommended?
4,000 messages**
4,000+ messages Yes - Vetted
To prevent your messages to T-Mobile from failing, as your usage increases, please reach out to us for assistance registering your organization.
*Daily limits are based on the assumption that, at most, half of your messages will be going to T-Mobile contacts. 
**1 message is equal to a 160-character text message.

Can I register my local number(s)? 

Right now most people do not need to register. However, if you send more than 2,000 messages in one day you might want to consider registering to avoid running into carrier limits. 

Unfortunately, vetting comes with some significant fees from text carriers. For this reason, we require you to reach a minimum spend before being allowed to register. 

Monthly PAYG
Eligibility for registration Anyone Anyone
Eligibility for vetting 500+ group size Minimum spend of $700

If you need help with registering, reach out to our customer experience team at support@text-em-all.com or 877-226-3080.

Can I use my own local number? 

Yes! If you'd prefer to use your own phone number, fill out this Text-Em-All Letter of Authorization (LOA) and email it to support@text-em-all.com (You can't enable a mobile number for texting). Our team will work with the carriers to text-enable your number. 

Tip: Mobile phone lines will not work for local number texting. Text carriers only allow landline numbers to be enabled for mass texting.

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