Using Text-Em-All and Bullhorn

Connecting to Bullhorn

To connect Text-Em-All to Bullhorn, there are only a few steps you will need to take:

First, contact your Bullhorn rep and tell them you want to turn on the Text-Em-All integration. They will set it so that you can turn on the Text-Em-All integration from within the Bullhorn Marketplace. 

At this point, the account owner will simply go into the Marketplace folder in your menu, click Text-Em-All, and enter in your Text-Em-All username and password when prompted. Any sub-users in the Text-Em-All account will do the same thing to connect their Bullhorn account to Text-Em-All.

Creating a Broadcast

In the Bullhorn integration, you can quickly send out mass text and voice broadcasts to your candidates and contacts. To do this, first you go to your Candidates or Contacts search in Bullhorn:

Once you've run your candidate search, simply select the candidates you wish to message and click the Text-Em-All option on the mass action menu:

Once you do this, you will be automatically logged into your Text-Em-All account at put in Step 1 of Create Broadcast. Simply complete the steps as you normally would and your candidates will all be sent your Broadcast. In step 2 of Create Broadcast, you will see that all the candidates you selected in Bullhorn have been imported into the Broadcast:

Text Conversations

When you need to text a specific candidate or contact in a 2-way text conversation, you can easily do this from the candidate's profile in Bullhorn without having to go to the Text-Em-All website.

To do this, go to a Candidate or Contact profile in Bullhorn. When there, you will notice a Text-Em-All tab you can click on. When you click on it, you will be viewing the text thread between your Text-Em-All text number and the candidate's cell phone. This is where you can engage the candidate or contact in 2-way text conversations.

Note: If you use Text-Em-All's mobile app, any texting you do on the app will stay in-sync in real-time with your text conversations in Bullhorn.

Text-Em-All Conversations Inbox

If you have a lot of candidates or contacts texting you back, instead of having to go to each candidate profile, you can simply go to your Text-Em-All Conversations Inbox to view them all and engage with any you choose to.

To get to the Conversations Inbox, open up your Bullhorn menu and select the Text-Em-All option under your Marketplace menu. This will take you to the full Text-Em-All app. From here, simply click on Conversations at the top of the screen and you'll be taken to your Text-Em-All Conversations Inbox!

Note: Any texting you do in the Conversations Inbox will stay in sync with both the Text-Em-All mobile app and text conversations at the candidate's profile as well! 

Text-Em-All Notes in Bullhorn

Any Text-Em-All activities you do in the integration will automatically be logged in candidate and contact profiles. To view this, simply go to the candidate's profile and go to the Notes section. You will see all your Text-Em-All activity has been logged automatically for the selected candidate or contact.

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