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Text survey broadcasts allow you to ask a yes/no question to your group via text message and have them respond on their phone. We will report what each person replied on the Broadcast Details page for that particular broadcast. If you are on the Credits plan, you may also add auto-replies based on each person's yes or no response. This article details how to send a text survey and view results. 

Note: Inbound text replies will be counted towards the survey results until either a new broadcast is sent to your contact OR two weeks have passed. 

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How to create a Text Survey Broadcast

  1. Click Create Broadcast at the top of your account.
  2. Select Text Only or Text & Voice under the question, "Which type of message would you like to send?"
  3. Choose Survey under the question, "Which type of broadcast would you like to create?"Click to zoom
  4. Proceed through steps 1 and 2 like normal.
  5. In step 3 you will type out your message. Be sure to ask a Yes or No question and ask your users to respond with the word "Yes" or "No". Our system will try to recognize responses as either a "Yes" or a "No". Anything else will show as "Unknown" on the Broadcast Details page. 
  6. Continue on through step 4 to send your broadcast. 

How to set up auto-replies

On the Credits plan, you can send an auto-reply based on your contact's responses. We will automatically determine who responded "Yes/No" to your question and send the auto-reply you created. You can set up auto-replies while setting up your Text Survey on the Create Broadcast page. Follow these steps to add auto-replies: 

  1. On step 3 of Create Broadcast click the checkbox that says "Include auto-reply?"
  2. Enter auto-replies to be sent if a recipient responds with either Yes or No to your question. Text-Em-All will automatically send these messages to the recipient based on their responses.

Note: Each auto-reply will cost an additional credit per recipient.

How to view Text Survey results

We will automatically tabulate the results to your "Yes/No" survey question on the Broadcast Details page for your Text Survey Broadcast.

  1. On your Home page, find and click on the Text Survey broadcast you wish to review. 
  2. On the Broadcast Details page, you will see a breakdown of your results. Click to zoom
  3. You can click on each category on the left-hand side to see which numbers are included in each result.

If our system does not detect a Yes or No response a third category will appear at the bottom called "Unknown". If a user responds again with a "Yes" or "No" we will update their response. All responses will be recorded up to two weeks after the survey broadcast was sent. Note that a new outbound message to their number will prevent a new response from being recorded.

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