Using Text-Em-All and Tempworks Beyond

Text-Em-All has partnered with Tempworks to bring you the latest texting and broadcasting features directly in Beyond. 

With this integration you will be able to broadcast texts and voice messages, continue 1 to 1 conversations, and manage multiple conversations at once with your employees and contacts without ever leaving Beyond.

Assigning User Permissions

In order to take advantage of the different texting features available, your users will need to have the correct permissions in the system. We recommend first determining which users you want to have these permissions before assigning them. 

  1. Navigate to B for Beyond menu in the upper left
  2. Select System Settings > Security Groups
  3. Select Permission category
  4. Either: 
    • Add users to any group that already has this permission OR
    • Create a new group with the Can Text permission checked and add users to it (remember that users can only be part of one permissions group and will inherit all the permissions that you check.

Setting Up an Admin Account

For Text-Em-All to work in your system, an administrator will need to add an account under system settings. This ensures users can add their own accounts and messages can be logged correctly on records. Only one account needs to be set up here. 

To Set Up an Admin Account: 

  1. Navigate to B for Beyond > System Settings
  2. Select External Services > Texting
  3. Select the + sign to add a new account
  4. Enter the following:
    1. Text-Em-All Username: Typically an email address
    2. Text-Em-All Pin: Password for your account
    3. Phone number: This must be a number of a texting phone number assigned to you in your Text-Em-All account
  5. Select Submit 
    • The system will automatically check with Text-Em-All to ensure credentials are correct before closing 

You can always test your credentials to check that Text-Em-All is up and running and your credentials entered are still accurate by selecting the test button on the saved credentials:

A green check mark lets you know if your credentials are valid:

Adding a User Account

Each user that wants to use the Text-Em-All features will need to have their own log in to Text-Em-All entered into Beyond. 

  1. Navigate to B for Beyond > User Settings
  2. Select Texting on the left 
  3. Select the + in the upper right
  4. Select Text-Em-All as the provider
  5. Enter your Text-Em-All login credentials:
    • Username: the username you use to log into Text-Em-All
    • Pin: The password you use to log into Text-Em-All 
    • Phone Number: The phone number you would like to use to send texts/voice broadcasts from. Don't worry, this can be changed when creating a broadcast.
  6. Select Submit
  7. The credentials will be saved for you to view 
    • Select the Test option to make sure your credentials are up to date with Text-Em-All

Sending a Broadcast Message

You can send a Text-Em-All broadcast message to a group of employees or contacts directly from employee or contact search results. Text-Em-All broadcasts can be text, voice, or both. 

  1. Navigate to Employee or Contact search and conduct a search to pull a list of employees or contacts you want to search for 
  2. Select your employee(s) or contact(s) that you want to send a broadcast message to
  3. Navigate to the actions button and select Broadcast option:  
  4. A new window will open with Text-Em-All to review and send your broadcast:
  5. Follow the Create Broadcast steps to create and send out your mass message. Once you're finished, you can close the window by selecting done in the lower left.

Sending a 1-to-1 Text Conversation Message 

You can also review and send a text message to a specific employee or contact from their record in Beyond.

  1. Navigate to the employee or contact record you want to text. NOTE: If your device has a smaller screen, you may need to select the arrow next to the charms to see the text charm option: 
  2. Click on the Text Charm 
  3. If the record has multiple contact methods, choose the phone number you want to text 
  4. A new Text-Em-All window will display showing any previous text message conversations 
  5. Enter your text and choose send to send a new message
    • You can add images or utilize Text-Em-All Templates by selecting the buttons at the bottom 
    • You can also double check the employee or contact's opt out status at the top 
  6. When you are done, select the done button in the lower left to close the window

Reviewing Text Messages Sent & Received

Text/voice broadcasts and 1 to 1 texting conversations will be logged on the relevant employee or contact record under messages for your records. 

These messages are saved to display entire conversations had between a service rep & employee/contact so they will log the messages after about 5 minutes of no activity. 

Accessing the Text-Em-All Conversations Page 

In addition to broadcast and 1 to 1 texting options, you can also access additional Text-Em-All features including the conversations section where you can review and manage multiple texting conversations at once.

Conversations that are replied to here still log on the relevant employee or contacts record. 

To find the conversations page:

  1. Navigate to theBeyond menu
  2. Select Records > Conversations 
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