Edit Text Speed Settings

Note: This article currently only pertains to toll-free text numbers. These changes are not possible for local number texting. If you need to adjust your speed on a local number please contact us. Please note you may need to register your number to achieve higher speeds on local. 

You may change the text speed on any toll-free text number in your account. Texts sent per minute can be decreased to avoid overwhelming response teams who may be taking inbound calls or text responses to your text broadcast. 

What text speeds I can choose?

You can choose different text speeds based on your needs. Here are the speeds available:

  • 5 texts per minute
  • 50 texts per minute
  • 500 texts per minute
  • 1000 texts per minute
  • Max (max is around 3000 texts per minute but server load may cause actual speed to vary)

How do I Edit Text Speed? 

There are two places you can edit your text speed. The Conversations page and the Text Settings tab on the Settings page. 


  1. Go to your Conversations page
  2. Hover over the toll-free text number you wish to edit and click the three-dot menu that appears
  3. From the dropdown menu select Edit Text Number
  4. In the Edit Text Settings dialog click the Text Speed drop-down menu
  5. Select your new text speed
  6. Click Save

Text Settings

  1. Go to Settings → Text Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Text Numbers section
  3. Click the three-dot menu next to the text number you wish to edit
  4. Select Edit Text Number Settings from the menu.
  5. In the Edit Text Settings dialog click the Text Speed drop-down menu
  6. Select your new text speed
  7. Click Save

Note: Updates to text speed will affect any in progress or pending broadcasts on that text number. 

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