Troubleshooting Message Recording ID Issues

The Message Recording ID is a unique number that is found on the Get Recording Instructions page for a pending broadcast that does not yet have audio. The Message Recording ID is unique to each broadcast and cannot be used for any other broadcast.

Before You Begin

Ensure you are using the correct Message Recording ID and that you are calling the correct Message Recording Line number provided on the Get Recording Instructions page. The default Message Recording Line number is 866-623-7244.

My Message Recording ID is Invalid

You may hear a recording saying you have entered an invalid Message Recording ID after entering your ID on the Message Recording Line. To resolve this:

  • Check to ensure you have the correct Message Recording ID for the pending broadcast in your account. Message Recording ID's are unique to each broadcast and cannot be reused.
  • Wait until the prerecorded prompt message has stopped talking to begin entering your ID. Entering your number too early may result in missed digits by the system. 
  • Enter your ID slowly. Some phones may accidentally enter some numbers multiple times even if you only pressed the number key one time. 
  • Try entering your ID on a different device.
  • Cancel your pending broadcast and create a new broadcast. For more information, read our support article on how to Cancel or Delete Broadcasts

I Can't Connect to Message Recording Line

If you can't connect to the Message Recording Line due to a busy signal, no connection, or any other reason we recommend trying again on another device. If this is unsuccessful you may also try the following options: 

  • Upload audio recorded from your computer directly to the pending broadcast or to the Audio Library on the Message Library page. For detailed instructions for either option, read our article on Adding Audio to Your Account.

If you still are unable to connect to the line please contact us at

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