Troubleshooting Personalization

This article leads you through some quick troubleshooting for our personalization feature. 

Correct personalization format

Check the below issues to troubleshoot any error messages you may receive when creating a text broadcast with personalization.

  • Ensure you have the correct number of brackets {{ }}. Personalizations will always be double bracketed. For example: {{firstname}} 
  •  Ensure the text in the bracket for First Name, Last Name, and Notes are lower case. For example: {{firstname}}, {{lastname}}, {{notes}}. Try not to edit the text inside brackets. 
  • If you add alternate text, ensure the text is in " " and the | is included before the word default. Try to avoid editing anything inside the brackets. {{firstname | default: "there"}}

Below is an example of a properly formatted message. Be sure to click the Apply Personalization button to properly create a personalized message. 

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