Using Text-Em-All in Ultra-Staff EDGE

If you have an Ultra-Staff EDGE account, you can utilize Text-Em-All's text and voice broadcasts, as well as our Conversations feature.

Without having to leave Ultra-Staff EDGE you can:

  • Launch broadcasts
  • Review results
  • And engage in Text Conversations within the Candidate's profile. 

Connecting to Ultra-Staff EDGE

To connect your Text-Em-All and Ultra-Staff EDGE accounts, log into Ultra-Staff EDGE and navigate to the Utilities menu under Tools.

From there, click SMS Settings, and select SMS Setup from the dropdown menu. 

At this screen, simply select the Text-Em-All option and type in your Text-Em-All username and password. That's it!

NOTE: You need to accept Text-Em-All's Terms of Use prior to using the integration.

If you don't accept our Terms of Use before turning on the integration, the integration will not work properly.

You can accept our Terms of Use by either logging into or following the instructions below:

Changing Your Text-Em-All Username and/or Password

Changing your Text-Em-All username or password after connecting the integration will break the integration connection.

To reconnect the integration, the user will need to re-complete the integration connection steps with their new Text-Em-All username and password.

To ensure a smooth reconnection, we highly suggest clearing your browser’s cache and cookies before reconnecting the accounts.

Setting Numbers as Textable in Ultra-Staff Edge

To be able to text your phone numbers in EDGE, you want to make sure you flag the number as "Ok to Text". The screenshot below demonstrates where to enable this checkbox:

Giving Users Access to Admin View (Text Inbox)

The Text-Em-All Admin view allows users to access the Conversations Inbox view. To access, the user must be an admin or be setup in the specific security group within EDGE. For permissions, users must contact the admin to be setup. 
  • In Ultra-Staff EDGE, go to Security.
  • The security group ‘CALL_EM_ALL’ is designated for users to be added to so that the Text-Em-All administrator view is accessible from directly within Ultra-Staff EDGE.
  • To add the user, go to the groupings tab in security.
  • Then, navigate to the ‘CALL_EM_ALL’ security group under the groups section in the right corner of this screen.
  • Select the user’s name from the left-hand side menu and click the single ‘>’ to move that user into this group.

Once added, the settings will immediately reflect in Ultra-Staff EDGE when the user logs back in.

Text Conversations

Text Conversations are two-way text conversations between you and a contact in Ultra- Staff EDGE

  • To initiate a Conversation, simply search for the contact in Ultra-Staff EDGE and go to their Candidate Profile.
  • From there, find their mobile number. Next to that number is a text icon. Click the icon to display your Text Conversation with that individual.

Users can also view their entire Conversations inbox in one place. There is a security group users can be part of which provides Ultra-Staff EDGE users with an Action button to open Text-Em-All conversations in a new window. 

To do this, navigate to the Utilities section under Tools.

From there, find SMS Settings, click on it, and then select Text-Em-All from the drop-down menu.

Your Text-Em-All Conversations view will open, allowing you to see every textable number your team has, and all the Conversations that are going on between your number and the selected contact.

This is available in any area where a Text-Em-All flyout is available.

There is also a Bulk Broadcast Flyout whose Action button will open the Text-Em-All broadcast in a new window. This is available in all places where a Text-Em-All broadcast flyout is available.

Text and Voice Broadcasts

A Text Broadcast is what you do when you want to send one text to more than one person people at the same time.

NOTE: For any text broadcasts that you send, all outbound messages will be logged in each contact's profile, so you won't have to manually log who received what messages.

There are 10 different places in Ultra-Staff EDGE you can initiate this. They all follow the same rules, so the example below will serve us fine:

First, go to Candidate Search and run a search for the candidates you want to contact.

Once the candidates are pulled up, put a check next to every candidate you want to message.

Then, in the Actions drop-down menu, select "Send Text". 

To complete your Broadcast, follow the steps that pop up on your screen. You can also choose to send voice messages to your contacts in step 1. (You can learn more about text broadcasts here.)

NOTE: Your contacts will be sent to Text-Em-All and automatically appear in Step 2 - Recipients

Text Workflow - Job Invitations 

Job Invitations allows users to send customized text messages which will also create a contract/direct hire activity automatically. Then, depending on the candidate’s response, the activity status will automatically change. This function brings a new level of automation to the process and puts candidates to work even faster.

Within the SMS Settings menu is a new option: Text-Em-All Activity Status Code.

Activity Status Code

The Text-Em-All Activity Status Code is required in order to use this feature. 

Here, users will determine the contract/direct hire activity code that will be created after sending a Job Invitation. Users will also choose the status that the activity changes to once the candidate responds. 
Note in the example below, the activity status code is set to OFFER, but if the candidate replies with a “Yes” or “No” response, the status will be updated accordingly. The user may have as many of these setup as they choose.

Once these options are set up, the job invitation can be sent. 
The best method is to find a job order and launch a candidate search from the job order. Not only will it ensure the search results are most accurate, but much of the information needed to send the invite will already be populated. Of course, this is just the preferred method – a user can send a job invitation from a standard candidate search as well.
Much like sending a Broadcast, the user will select the group of candidates > Actions > Text Job Invitations.

The next screen will display a list of all selected candidates. Take note of the yellow fields in the image below. These indicate criteria the candidates have not met which include no payroll record, no cell phone number, OK to Text is not checked, etc.

On the left of this window, users will have the opportunity to add candidates on the fly if they choose. If the candidate search was not launched from a job order, the client and job order will need to be filled in too.

The middle of the window indicates the activity details including start/end date and start/end time. The user will also choose the status in which the activity will be set. 

The bottom of the window will display the message that will be sent to the candidates. At this time, the user can review or make changes before sending. If everything looks good, the user will click Send. 

Upon doing so, a contract or direct hire activity will be created for each candidate and an SMS message will be sent. Below is how it will appear to a candidate:

Once the candidate responds, the message will be viewable in both the Text-Em-All Text Conversation, as well as on an activity note.

If the user responds with a “Yes” or “No”, the contract/direct hire activity will update accordingly.

If the candidate responds with a question or an unrelated answer, the activity will remain unchanged and the user can reply to the candidate within the Text Conversation.

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