Sorting, Filtering, & Exporting Broadcast History

On the Home page of your account, you have the option to sort, filter, and export your broadcast history.

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Sort Broadcasts

  1. Click the name of the column you wish to sort. 
    1. Default, Size, or Results

Ways to sort:

  • Default: Broadcasts will be sorted with active listed first (broadcasting, scheduled, and needs message) followed by completed broadcasts.
  • Status: Broadcasts will be sorted by any active broadcasts followed by completed, canceled, scheduled, and expired broadcasts (in that order).
  • Start Date: Broadcasts will be sorted by the start date, oldest to newest. 
  • Create Date: Broadcasts will be sorted by the creation date, oldest to newest. 
  • Type:  Broadcasts will be sorted by broadcast type in the following order: announcement, survey, transfer, then text. 
  • Name: Broadcasts will be sorted alphabetically by the first name or number of the broadcast from A to Z.
  • Size: Broadcast will be sorted by size from low to high.

Note:Text-Em-All will save your filter and sort selections to make it easy for you to view broadcasts in the future. To reverse the order of any selection, click the column header again and click that selection again.

Filter Broadcasts

You may filter by date range or broadcast type. 

Filter by Date Range

  1. Click the Calendar icon on the top right of the Home screen.
  2. In the first row of the dialog that appears, choose if you want the filter to include the date your broadcast was created or when it was started
  3. Choose a pre-created time period from the list
  4. -OR-
  5. Enter a custom date range

Filter by Broadcast Type

  1. Click the Filter icon on the top right of the Home screen
  2. Choose which type of broadcast you wish to see: Voice Announcement, Voice Survey, Transfer, Text Announcement, or Text Survey. 

Filter by Broadcast Label

  1. Click the Label Filter icon on the top right of the Home screen
  2. Choose which label you wish to see by clicking the checkbox next to the label. 

Export Broadcast History

You may export the broadcast history to a spreadsheet. Any filters you have applied will also be applied to the exported file. 

  1. Click the down arrow icon on the Home screen

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