Using Text-Em-All with Bullhorn

Connecting to Bullhorn

To connect Text-Em-All to Bullhorn, there are only a few steps you will need to take:

First, contact your Bullhorn rep and tell them you need an Client ID and the Client Secret Key so you can integrate with a 3rd party solution. Text-Em-All is the 3rd party in this regard.

Once you have the ID and Secret Key, email them to along with your Text-Em-All username.

Once we confirm you are good to go, simply log into your Text-Em-All account, go to Settings, then click on Integrations to complete your setup.

Select the Bullhorn integration and click Connect. From there, you will be asked to enter your Bullhorn username and password. After you do that, you'll be all ready to go! 

Creating a Saved Search in Bullhorn

Before you send out a broadcast, you'll want to save a search of candidates/contacts in Bullhorn so our system can grab them for you. To do this:

Log into your Bullhorn account and click on Candidates (or Contacts).

Define your search however you want so that all that's displayed on the page is who you're wanting to contact.

Then, click on Favorites and, in the drop down, click Save this Search. Follow those steps.

That's it! The next time you log into your Text-Em-All account, your saved search will be available.

Creating a Broadcast

Once you are connected, you are ready to create a broadcast using your Bullhorn saved searches. In step 2 of Create Broadcast, a new button will appear which allows you to choose the groups stored within Bullhorn. Click this button and choose any of the searches you'd like to include in the broadcast. Continue creating the broadcast as you have in the past or by following the steps

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