Using Text-Em-All with AkkenCloud

If you have an AkkenCloud account, you can use Text-Em-All's voice and text broadcasting services there. In Akken, you can launch voice and text broadcasts, review results, as well as engage in Text Conversations in the Candidate's profile. 

Connecting to Akken

Once you have a Text-Em-All account, you will be able to go into Akken and sign into your Text-Em-All account without leaving Akken. See pages 1 - 6 in the following document to see how to properly sync those accounts:  Text-Em-All-Integration-Release-document.pdf

PLEASE NOTE: Akken will ask for your Text-Em-All account's password and PIN. These are the same thing, so enter your password in both places.

This can be done for each of your Text-Em-All and Akken users so that everyone has access to the integration. Click here to learn how to create Text-Em-All users.

Changing Your Text-Em-All Username and/or Password

Changing your Text-Em-All username or password after connecting the integration will break the integration connection.

To reconnect the integration, the user will need to re-complete the integration connection steps with their new Text-Em-All username and password.

To ensure a smooth reconnection, we highly suggest clearing your browser’s cache and cookies before reconnecting the accounts.

Using Text-Em-All in Akken

In that document, pages 7 - 10 show you how to send Text-Em-All text and voice broadcasts within Akken. You can see a preview of this below:

Pages 10 - 12 show you how to use Text Conversations that can be found at the candidate's profile. Simply go to the profile of your candidate, and go to Text-Em-All Conversations, as seen below:

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